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Currency pair EURUSD, timeframe M5. The adviser works at moderate settings. 880% per month from the current deposi

No more market analysis trading robot will do everything for you

The work process of the trading advisor ACROBAT FX [maximum]video below. Currency pair EURUSD, timeframe M5. The adviser works at moderate settings. 880% per month from the current deposit

An example of building levels using a trading robot

If you look at any price chart (regardless of market or timeframe), you will see two things. Firstly, the market price never lingers at the same level for a long time. After a while you will see that he has changed a lot. As the level of monitoring, you can use any price on the chart…….However, some prices, as such, are more effective than others. We will return to this topic below. Secondly, on any chart there is a price at which the market trend is changing. Price can relate to a certain level several times and return almost immediately. These are support and resistance levels familiar to any trader. Support is the level below which the price falls. Resistance is the price level above which it does not rise…….these levels are also known as peaks and troughs (peaks and bottoms). The probability of a trend reversal when they touch the price is especially high, which makes them ideal candidates for the role of reference levels. A level approximately halfway between support and resistance can also be used as a checklist. Let’s call it midpoints….

Examples of building strong levels using the automatic trading advisor…ACROBAT FX [maximum] on different timeframes

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