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Runner Forex Robot-Free Unlimited Version

June 24, 2020 3100 310

Runner Forex Robot Description:

The EA uses a strategy based on average price deviations using the following indicators: Bollinger Bands, Envelopes and Standard Deviation ; Support and Resistance levels are also used for the best signals.

The first order is opened for Price Deviation and subsequent orders are opened from the Support and Resistance levels, and trade can also be inside the Support and Resistance levels.

The EA uses only the M5 timeframe and trades on most major pairs.

Requirements and Recommendations

  • Attach the adviser to only one chart (to any of the working pairs) – all trading for all pairs is conducted from only one chart! In the settings, you can enable and disable currencies.
  • The minimum recommended balance for the adviser (when used at recommended pairs and time frames) – 30 00 $ or 30 $ per cent accounts.
  • Leverage from 1: 500 and more.
  • Safe trading requires a minimum lot of 0.01. Check your broker to support a minimum lot of 0.01.
  • Broker with five-digit and three-digit quotes.
  • Requires a regular VPS server. (Advisor does not work on VPS from mql5 )
  • Advisor does not work on the account: “JPY”, “RUB”.

The main advantages of the robot

  • Based on the original author’s algorithm.
  • Does not use scalping strategies.
  • It works with different brokers.

Pairs and timeframe

  1. EURUSD / M5.
  2. GBPUSD / M5.
  3. GBPJPY / M5.
  4. USDCHF / M5.
  5. USDJPY / M5.
  6. AUDUSD / M5.
  7. GBPAUD / M5.
  8. USDCAD / M5.
  9. GBPCAD / M5.
  10. EURAUD / M5.
  11. EURCAD / M5.
  12. EURGBP / M5.
  13. EURJPY / M5.
  14. GBPCHF / M5.
  15. NZDUSD / M5.
  16. GBPNZD / M5.
  17. EURCHF / M5.
  18. NZDJPY / M5.
  19. CHFJPY / M5.
  20. CADJPY / M5.
  21. EURNZD / M5

Runner Forex Robot Settings :

  • EURUSD – true currency is used;
  • EURNZD – true currency is used;
  • Magic_Start ( Finish ) – ID of deals;
  • Symbols_Prefix (Suffix) _Name – enter ONLY the prefix (suffix) if the broker uses it in the symbol name (for example: “m.” (“. M”), if the name of the pair is “m.EURUSD” (“EURUSD.m”)) ;
  • Custom_Risk – if true, the lot size increases with the growth of the account balance (risk management);
    • User_Balance – User balance;
    • Add_to_User_Balance% – Addition for User_Balance for a smooth transition to a new lot.
    • Lot_on_every – Lot size for each – User_Balance ;
  • Fixed_Lot – permanent lot;
  • Order Type – directions of trade;
  • Order Comment – comments on orders;
  • Slippage – slippage before the order is triggered;
  • Show_Info_Panel – information panel (false – quick backtest);
  • Show_additional_panel – profit panel for each month, only for backtest;
  • Max Spread – maximum allowable spread;

Trading within a week:

  • Monday – if true, we trade on Monday;
  • Friday – if true, we trade on Friday.

Trading by time within the day:

  • Use time – in true, trading takes time;
  • GMT Mode – manual tuning;
  • GMT_mode – broker server time offset mode relative to GMT (0 – off);
  • Every_Day_Start – time to start work (hh: mm);
  • Every_Day_End – end time (hh: mm).

Friday shutdown time:

  • Use time – if true, trading is timed;
  • Disable_in_Friday – Friday end time (hh: mm).

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