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Contents1 Strategy Forex 15 Min Review2 Best Brokers List3 Strategy Forex 15 Min Setting4 Installation process5 DEFAULT TRADING MODE (MANUAL)6 AUTO TRADING MODE/ADVANCED MANUAL MODE7 TIPS ON MANUAL ENTERING8 Strategy Forex 15 Min Free Download

Strategy Forex 15 Min Review

Strategy Forex 15 Min, The strategy allows you to trade both in manual and semi-automatic modes.
The necessary panels on the chart are conveniently configured. Several types of signals, trend trading filters, and much more. Designed for trading on TF  m15.
Important: you do not need to throw anything into the indicators folder.

Installation process

– Copy the export file to the ‘MQL4>Experts’ folder.
– Copy the template file to the ‘Templates’ folder.
– Restart your MT4

– right click on the chart, pick the Strategy Forex 15 Min template

NOTE: Software works on M15 timeframes only.


After placing an expert on the chart, it’s ready for manual (default)
trading. It produces signals and alerts which you can follow.


You may enter when you see a relevant signal. For extra safety, you
may also check the higher TF signal and time of news releases. Do not
trade in a weak market.
Activate BreakEven at 7-10 pips profit level. It helps to secure
almost every order! Use Stop Loss and Take Profit that is
relevant for the selected timeframe. If you manage fast orders
you can reach an extremely high win/loss ratio of about 75%
and up to 90%. That’s why we added the auto TRADE feature.
Please use it for the instant auto entry!
Nowadays there are lots of web resources that offer news on
upcoming economic events. You know how strong a news impact
can be. It can ruin any order or bring sudden luck. But we do not
recommend taking such risks unless you are a devoted news trader.
It is better to skip high-impact news, so please follow the economic
Money Management
Money Management in a single rule: Risk >>> Stop Loss >>> Lot
Risk 1-3% of your deposit per trade. Decide on risk and based on price
action, set a Stop Loss. Now, calculate your Lot size volume that would
match your risk.
For example, your stop loss is 10 pips, and your equity is 10,000$. You
wish to risk 2% of your equity in this trade, so you enter a trade with 2 lots
– so your risk is 200$, or 2%.

Strategy Forex 15 Min Free Download

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